Candle safety rules

We would like you to have the best experience when using our candles so we would like to remind you that you have to be very careful when dealing with fire. These are the security requirements that you must be aware of:

1. Never light a candle if the glass ware is cracked or damaged in any other way. Also refrain from engraving or cutting the glass ware because it weakens the glass and it might split when heated. Lighting a candle in these conditions can result in injury, burns and damage of material possessions.
2. Shorten the wick before lighting the candle. The shorter the wick the smaller the flame. And a smaller flame makes the candle last longer and less likely for the glass ware to brake.
3. Don’t light the candle next to flammable objects such as: carpets, duvets, clothes, books, curtains etc.
4. Don’t light candles next to each other as the wax may melt unevenly and result in leakage.
5. If the wick relocates to one or the other side put out the candle immediately. Using scissors or a tine try to move the wick back to the middle of the candle before the wax hardens. Just be careful – liquid wax is very hot!
6. Place the candle horizontally on a non-flammable surface.
7. Don’t light the candle in a draft because due to uneven air circulation the flame will be uneven which can result in the formation of soot. Also the draft can bring by some nearby easy, flammable things and cause a fire.
8. Never burn a candle for more than 3 hours, because the amount of wax formed around the wick is too big and can affect the quality of the candle. Put the flame out after 3 burning hours, wait till the wax has hardened and light it up again.
9. When relighting the candle make sure you shorten the wick in order to avoid smoke. Remove all the leftovers from lighting matches and other dirt that might be in the wax.
10. Never leave the candle unattended.
11. Don’t touch or carry around the burning candle because the glassware might burn you. If you need to move the candle to another location put it out and wait for it to cool off before carrying it elsewhere.
12. Don’t cut the wick of the candle while it is burning because you might burn yourself.
13. Don’t use any liquid to enhance the fire because the flame might get out of control very quickly.
14. Keep away from children and animals. It is important to place the burning candle somewhere where a child or a pet could not reach or move it.
15. Don’t burn out the wax to the very bottom because the glassware can break. Put out the candle when there is no less than 5-10mm of wax left.
16. Put out the candle with a special cap because blowing of the candle may resort in a burning of the skin or a nearby surface. If you don’t have a cap you can use a tablespoon.
17. Always double check if the candle is put out properly.