Privacy policy

We understand that you value your privacy – we value it as well. The information you provide us with in the site is protected using the SSL certificate. Visiting, browsing or buying in/from our website you agree to our privacy policy and terms and legislations.

1 Gathering of information
We don’t gather any of your personal information without your permission – the only information we have is the one that you provide on our website. For example if you agree to fill in the registration form or to participate in an online survey you might be asked to provide personal information. The personal information (name, surname, address, email and phone number) will only be used in order for you to make a purchase and for us to deliver the ordered purchase to you. You must note that a section of this information must be provided to third parties (to the electronic banking database, the courier, at the post office).

If you don’t want us to use your personal information please don’t provide it in the website. When providing us with your personal information you agree upon our right to use it for the reasons mentioned above. You must note that you cannot make a purchase if you don’t provide us with your personal information.

Before providing us with your personal information you must indicate that you do it on your free will.

If you refuse to provide us with your personal information then you can not execute the purchase.

2 Usage of personal information
We strive to create products that you and your loved ones would appreciate it. So in order to get to know you better and find out what you like we reserve the right to use your personal information on these occasions:

a. in order to assure the best quality of communication:

If you provided your personal information we reserve the right to contact you via phone, e-mail, and letter or in other way and inform about the status of the order, quality of the products, locations of purchases, conditions and etc.

b. purposes of marketing:

We reserve the right to use your personal information for the purposes of advertising and marketing. We may contact you via e-mail, letter, sending catalogues and using other methods of marketing and introduce our products, ask to participate in the surveys, inform about the events, conferences and provide additional information about products.

3. The handing over of the personal information to the third parties involved for marketing purposes

We do not hand over or share your personal information in any other ways to the third parties which would use it for their marketing purposes.

4. The handing over of the personal information in the events of fraudulence

We reserve the right to hand over your personal information to the governmental institutions or certain law organs if the information is required by law.

5. The handing over of the personal information related to shares of the company

In the case of business expansion some trading or selling of the shares to third parties is possible. Your personal information is under the ownership of the company; therefore, it might be transmitted along with the shares and other possessions containing value. When transferring the ownership of your personal information to us you allow us to use, trade or sell your personal information in accordance with the shares of the company and other values.

6. The handing over of your personal information to foreign third parties

Third parties mentioned in the subchapter 5 may but do not have to be located in the other country, republic or continent. When transferring the ownership of your personal information you agree that third parties may be located in the other country or continent in which the privacy policy laws might not correspond to ours.

7. The usage of cookies, IP address and links

We use cookies for the monitoring and tracking of your visits in our page. Based on the information gathered about your previous visits we might make some suggestions concerning your purchases.

We might also use the IP address information to monitor the geographical location of our visitors. Also to prevent fraudulent activities.

All the non-personal information such as the history of purchases, their frequency and etc., may be used by our company for marketing purposes, introducing new products, for researching surveys, calculations and monitoring. We reserve the right to share this information with third parties.

Varies links can be used to and from the website therefore we kick the responsibility of the private policy of the hyperlinks.

8. People who are underage

If the person is underage, s/he cannot make a purchase on this webpage. This person cannot provide his personal information. The person who is underage can only observe items without purchasing it.

9. Additions and changes of the information

We reserve the right to change or add information to privacy policy laws without any prior notice. The changes or additions of the privacy policy laws will be announced on this webpage and takes effect directly. It is your responsibility to follow the information.

10. Comment

We do our best to make your visit to our website as easy and as pleasant as possible and that your personal information will be safe. If you have any question contact us via e-mail