Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the AmourD’evil’s website (further called ‘site’) where clients can find all the rules and regulations of the company (further noted as ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘ours’). Visiting, browsing and purchasing our products you agree with our company’s privacy policy and rules and regulations.

1. Restrictions
You have to be 18 or over in order to shop on our site.

2. Price
All the prices already includes VAT. The only additional fee is the shipping fee.

3. Product descriptions
We strive to achieve the utmost accuracy and honesty when describing our products. Nevertheless we cannot guarantee that the product you will receive will match the one you saw on our website completely, because composing a photo requires the use of a flash, the ‘Photoshop program’ and other means of making the products in the photos look lively and more presentable. We also cannot guarantee that the price will not change after the purchase was made.

4. Re-selling
All the products that you purchase in this site are for personal usage only therefore the buyer has no right re-sell the items or use them to gain profit in any way.

5. Placing and accepting the order
The buyer assembles his shopping cart following simple instructions. Before the purchase is complete the buyer gets a second chance to overlook the items he is about to purchase. After selecting the ‘pay’ button the buyer selects a payment type. That is how an order is placed. After completing the order you will receive a confirmation email where all the information about the purchase will be given. This is NOT an acceptance of the order. We accept the order when we ship the products purchased. Read about the conditions of cancelling an order after the purchase has already been made in the ‘Order cancelation’ section. We reserve the right to not accept your order in case the item you have selected is not in stock, if the payment could not be verified, if we suspect fraud and other un-referred cases. If we are unable to accept your purchase we will inform you about it.

6. Product ownership
We are the lawful owners of the product until we receive payment for the product. When the payment is received the product ownership is transferred to the buyer. If the buyer decides to return the products we refund the money and get back the ownership of the product.

7. Delivery
We deliver the items in the manner of your choosing. The time period indicated for the delivery is preliminary. The time period can double during the holidays or weekends. We take no responsibility for any late shipments. All the risk concerning the quality of the shipment is up to the buyer.

8. Product acceptance
When accepting the product it is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the parcel before signing the paperwork. If the buyer fails to do so and wants to return the item we cannot refund the product.

9. Intellectual ownership
All the content including the graphics, text, design, logo, pictures, video and audio material used, data gathered is under the ownership of our company and is protected by the laws of The Republic of Lithuania and EU.

The usage of the brand name AmourD’evil along with the colours and fonts is under the ownership of the company and the usage of it or any fragments of it is forbidden. It is forbidden to use, re-sell, copy, multiply sell, change or use the brand name or the contents in any way without the official permission from the AmourD’evil company.

10. Buyers account

The buyer must guarantee that the personal information provided is accurate and truth-full. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inform us of any changes in the personal information. The information can be renewed in the ‘My account’ section.

The buyer is responsible for the safe keeping of his Log in and Password. He must ensure that he is the only one that uses the Log in and Password. If you notice any suspicious activity concerning your personal information please contact us immediately. The buyer must not use the information of another person in any way. Please notify us if you spot any illegal or suspicious activity.

11. Change of information
We reserve the right to change these terms and legislations without any personal warning. The changed/added terms and legislations will be posted here. It is your responsibility to monitor the information.

12. Complaints
All complaints are investigated based on these terms and legislations, the privacy policy, and the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

13. Compensation
The buyer commits to refrain from blaming us and asking for compensation for any moral damage, losses, court costs or any other expenses linked to court processes.