Home fragrance refill “Sweet Sensation”

  • Base notes: saffron, vanilla, brandy, dried fruit, cedar & musk
  • Aroma: intense, sweet, intoxicating, felt aroma of wood, fruit, spices
  • A metal, screw bottle that you can use to replenish your existing home fragrance container
  • Sold together with eight bamboo sticks
  • You will enjoy the smell of 100ml at home for ~ 5 months.
  • The intensity of the smell depends on the number of bamboo sticks
  • Enjoy the luxurious scents of AmourD’evil home
  • Capacity: 500ml, 200ml, 100ml and 50ml

Take to the world of luxury spices. The warm and intense blend of vanilla and saffron radiates a sweet taste. It’s a true refined elegance. Their combination is further enhanced by the manifestations of brandy. Dried fruit chords are used to maintain sweetness.  The combination reveals a strong spicy note that transitions to a mild bitterness. This luxurious AmourD’evil home fragrance is for extravagant fans who love spices.