Home Fragrance “Secrets of Whisper”

Luxurious home scent “Secrets of Whisper”

  • Base notes: patchouli, vetiver, anise, black plum & rose
  • Aroma: sweet, light, sweet, smoky, wet earth, spice aromas.
  • Sold together with eight bamboo sticks
  • The diffuser is in an exclusive design white glass bottle
  • The intensity of the smell depends on the number of bamboo sticks
  • You will enjoy the smell of home for ~ 5 months, and later you will be able to buy a fragrance supplement
  • Packed in a black, luxurious gift box
  • Enjoy the luxurious scents of AmourD’evil home
  • Capacity: 100ml

Luxurious Asian patchouli intertwine with intriguing anise. The game of both is permeated by black plum, the sweetness of which is further revealed by the forest berries. The intriguing and enticing combination is marked by mysteries. The flirting of rose petals and mimosa turns into light, sweet whispers of vanilla and vetiver. It’s an exceptional combination where sweetness and freshness intertwine. The exclusive scent of AmourD’evil home will appeal to perfumery fanatics who adore contrasts.

Want to try the aroma? Order an aroma tester and get an envelope with aroma-inspired wood chips. You can put it in a sports bag, handbag or bed linen drawer and feel the aroma.