Mist “Hypnotic Heart”

  • Home fragrance | Air freshener | Room spray
  • Top notes: tobacco, amber, patchouli, black pepper, nutmeg, musk, ladbanum
  • Aroma: intense, woody, niche
  • Freshens your home, office or car
  • Creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity
  • Removes stale odours
  • Also may be used as a linen spray

A combination of luxurious aromas dominated by amber, tobacco and patchouli. The composition is enhanced by black pepper, nutmeg and musk. The symphony of aromas is combined with labdanum and Brazilian wood chords.

Instructions for use: Unscrew the stopper, pull it away from you, hold the sprayer upright, spray in a circular motion in open rooms. Close the stopper and keep it upright.

Attention! The product is not a cosmetic product. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Do not spray directly on food, people, animals, plants, walls, furniture, car panels. Clean immediately after spraying on furniture or car panel surfaces. If you are allergic to odors, do not use a spray. Use only in well-ventilated areas.