Candle “Amour D’empress”

Soy wax candle in a tin.

  • Base notes: rosemary, cardamom, patchouli, pink pepper, ginger, iris, bitter orange blossom, sandalwood, cumin seeds, dark agarwood
  • Aroma: intense, temperamental spice aroma

Take to the world of luxury spices with Amour D’empress. The intense combination of rosemary and patchouli radiates temperamental notes. This duet is further enhanced by the scent of ginger and orange blossoms. Pink pepper, iris, sandalwood, cumin seeds and dark agarwood in their additional chords give a subtle notes of aroma and fill the aroma with warmth. This luxurious AmourD’evil home fragrance is for fans of extravagance who love spices and sensual warming compounds.

Choose the desired candle size (120g / 180g) and enjoy the light, aroma and coziness at home.