All orders placed before 12 a.m. are shipped the same day. Orders placed after 12 a.m. are shipped the following day.
An email noting the shipment will be sent to you.
We take no responsibility and refuse to repay for the extra postal costs caused by faulty or incorrect information about either the name the address or the post code provided by the client.
Receiving of the products from a courier or post office:
When retrieving the products you must examine the state of the products. Examine the parcel for damage and open it to inspect if the goods inside it are in a good condition. Only after making sure that the parcel and the goods inside are of satisfactory conditions you can sign the reception act. By signing the paperwork you confirm that neither the parcel nor the contents of it were damaged and you have no complaints to the courier or the product company.
If during inspection you notice that the parcel or the contents of the parcel are damaged you must note that in the reception act before signing it. You also must fill in a damage/discrepancy act describing the damage done to the package with the courier or post office worker present in order for them to sign the act as well. If you fail to carry out any of these conditions we will not take any responsibility or refund the purchase for:
Damage that is not a factory defect;
Damage caused by the transportation of the items;
Damage caused after the client has signed the reception act.