AmourD’evil story


Combining the powers of two sisters and a brother we present you with luxurious natural soya candles. We strive for quality and uniqueness. Every single candle is crafted by loving and caring hands. In today’s world which is powered by technology and everything is mass produced it is very satisfying to create something with your own hands and give every single product an individuality and uniqueness. That gives every single candle of ours a silent yet elegant story. AmourD’evil is a name with a hidden meaning. “Amour” means “love” in French. The second word must be red from right to left to unveil its true meaning- “live”. Only a noble heart is capable of true love. Not everyone is capable of sacrifice, dedication and giving what makes these qualities extremely rare. We believe that your heart is full of love and therefore you see our name for what it is – “Love lives”. We see and believe what we choose to believe.